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Integra 36/60 series oil and gas condensing boiler 13 – 55 kW

The sound condenser boilers of the HANSA Integra series have proven their worth on the market and provide you with durable, sustainable heating technology – for variable use. Regardless of whether for burning oil or gas, modernisation or new build, with or without a low (horizontal) tank, the Integra condensing boilers offer a large number of possible combinations and are thus the almost perfect solution for 99 % of all households.

SND series – boiler unit for low temperature

Cost-effective heating appliance in low temperature technology (in future continues to be permitted according to EnEV2014 and EU Effi ciency Directive!) above all in existing buildings, for which the use of condensing technology is not technically or economically sensible due to the existing heat distribution system.

Gas/oil condensing boilers

The importance of economical heating is greater than ever before as energy prices will continue to rise in the future.

The HANSA units with their combination of sophisticated technology and design allow for very low consumption and are ready for the future. The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and precision die cast blocks in combination with the compact design and production technology ensure low-emission burning and a long service life.