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PEGA 15/35 - Gas condensing boiler

The compact PEGA gas condensing appliance series has long since set the standards when it comes to efficiency, comfort, convenience and flexibility.

TANTUM 15/25/35 - simply good

The new compressed and compact HANSA TANTUM gas condensing appliance is the ideal solution for most of all the customers’ heat and hot water output requirements. The space-saving dimensions ensure that the appliance fits in even the smallest corner.

TANTUM 25 Compact 100 - simply good

The new TANTUM compact gas condensing appliance is the successful extension of the HANSA gas condensing
appliance series. In addition to the requirements of modern condensing technology, the convenient water supply is characterised by the integrated coiled tube storage tank.

Gas condensing boilers

Constantly rising energy costs and better insulation for buildings make the use of gas condensing boilers ever more attractive. Their unbeatably high efficiency for converting natural gas into heat means they provide an active contribution for climate and environmental protection.
Cost-efficient, economical and technically sophisticated heating systems – we can offer different solutions for this as well.

Wall-hanging – space-saving!