HB Series - Oil burners

Hansa Heiztechnik GmbH

13 - 56 kW
Blue-flame burner 1-stage with oil preheater and recirculation mixer. Suitable for low-sulphur oil.

Series HB oil-fired forced draught burner
Series HB oil-fired forced draught burners are characterised by very quiet running and environmentally friendly combustion. They are tested and approved to EN 267, EMPA, suitable for burning EL heating oil to DIN 51603 with max. 6.0 cSt/293 K (50 °C).
With a built-in oil preheating system, uniform fuel temperature and optimum atomisation of the fuel is ensured. A LowNox precision mixer ensures low-contaminant combustion with blue flame and easy but exact setting of the oil-air mix ratio. An optimised, high-performance fan ensures reliable starting and stable combustion. The intake and discharge end air control enables precise air flow adjustment, including in the lower output range. Furthermore, the practical maintenance positions and variable installation depth by means of a standard sliding flange ensure easy handling. The specially developed air intake sockets enable room sealed operation too, if necessary.
Model Burner output Order number Price/€
HB 21 13 - 26 kW (1) 1000040 1,494.00
HB 40.1 24 - 32 kW 1000042 1,494.00
HB 40.2 31 - 40 kW (2) 1000041 1,559.00
HB 50 42 - 56 kW (3) 1000044 1,759.00

1) 13kW - 18kW with Steinen oil nozzle MST 80° 0.30gph / 23kW - 26kW with Steinen oil nozzle ST 80° 0.50gph
2) 35kW - 40kW with Steinen oil nozzle S 80° 0.75gph
3) 42kW - 47kW with Steinen oil nozzle S 80° 0.85gph

Prices are net prices plus statutory VAT.


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