Engineer Gerd Hofmann starts the commercial enterprise “Regel- und Messtechnik” in Witten a.d. Ruhr. The new dies casting process developed with his assistance helps his oil burner product line “Taifun” with a highly successful market launch. The company continues its growth at the new location in the town of Rhade in North-Rhine Westphalia.

The new development department develops new models – in the expanded business field of oil and gas burners – ready for mass production. The takeover of the burner manufacturer Convair from Hamburg brings the brand names “Convair” and “Hansa” into the company. Installation of the new systems is subcontracted to a contract manufacturer in Hamburg.

Renaming to Hansa Öl- und Gasbrenner GmbH

Jörg Hoffmann, the founder's son, takes over the management and is still in charge of the company today.

After being renamed to Hansa Öl- und Gasbrenner the company is changed into a public limited company. The constantly increasing demand now requires a new production facility. This production site is selected under socioeconomic aspects and subcontracted to a sheltered workshop in Bremerhaven.

Hansa expands the product range by various boiler units and successfully positions itself – also with the condensing boiler technology available in-house from 2003 – as a system provider for all areas of heating applications.

The company founder Gerd Hoffmann dies, his wife Edeltraut Hoffmann continues to do administrative work and keeps an eye on the future company development as the “grey eminence”.

The HANSA ÖL- und Gasbrenner GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Hansa presents the new generation of condensing boilers, PEGA, at the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. The system features a sensational modulation range of 1:20.

Hansa launches the new blue flame burner series HB: low-noise, energy-saving, excellent flame stability and low emissions. Quality products at the highest level!
The management decides to restructure the technical department in order to meet the high demands of the market. Customer service operations, telephone support even outside business hours as well as regular training courses provide close customer relations and a high level of service.

Hansa celebrates 55 years!
Hansa presents the PEGA system in combination with a CHP and an air-water heat pump at the ISH trade fair. There are also ongoing field trials in connection with a fuel cell. Internal restructuring takes place in the area of sales, marketing and technology.
Even after 55 years, we are not tired of taking on the challenges of the market and offering innovative products.

Familie Hoffmann
Jörg Hoffmann (CEO) / Edeltraud Hoffmann / Jan-Sörren Hoffmann

HANSA Heiztechnik