TANTUM 25 Compact 100 - simply good

Hansa Heiztechnik GmbH

Simply good
The appliance has a very user-friendly design and impressively clear and streamlined structure, without unnecessary or irrelevant items. HANSA continues to opt for use of a high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger and to install high-quality components only.

The new TANTUM compact gas condensing appliance is the successful extension of the HANSA gas condensing appliance series. In addition to the requirements of modern condensing technology, the convenient water supply is characterised by the integrated coiled tube storage tank.

TANTUM 25 Compact 100 with basic accessories

+ Boiler connection fitting + Outdoor sensor + Connection taps incl. hinge (flexible connection pipes on each side or upwards are possible.) + Connection pipe + Gas connection pipe + Flat gaskets and seals
TANTUM 25 Compact 100 Energy efficiency class Order No. Package price/€
TANTUM 25 Compact 100 -
Compact gas condensing appliance 4.0-24.7 kW
1003785 Package price
a. A.

Advantages at a glance

» Output range from
   4.0 – 24.7 kW
» 100 litre storage volume
» Direct access to the
   storage tank for servicing
   and maintenance work
» Convenient hot water
   supply for all water qualities
» High-quality stainless
   steel heat exchanger
» Incl. outside temperature
   compensated control and
   expansion vessel
» Compact dimensions
» User-friendly installation
   and service
» Installation of high-quality
   components – Made in Germany

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» Technical Data (PDF)
» Accessories (PDF)