HSP Series - Gas burner

Hansa Heiztechnik GmbH

20-70 kW
Natural gas burner with gas connection ½” – 20 mbar.

HSP gas forced draught burner
The Series HSP is the further development of the HANSA pre-mix gas burner with full gas-air modulation. They are tested to EN 676 and have emissions below emission class 3, and are suitable for burning natural gas (H/L 20/50 mbar) and propane gas. The pre-mix gas burner is continuously adjustable from 20-70 kW and is easy to installed. Thanks to the efficient speed control, the HSP burner has low power consumption and is therefore extremely attractive for end customers.
All HSP gas burners are characterised by their resistance to gas pressure fluctuations and very quiet running. Operation is also possible at low gas input pressures. The function control and fault diagnostics can be read out digitally and therefore simplify handling. Highly stable pressure, good start behaviour and low-noise operation round of the advantages.
Model Liquid gas Burner output Order number Price/€
HSP 1 E --- 20 - 36 kW 1003924 1,922.00
HSP 1 E --- 30 - 70 kW 1000089 1,922.00
HSP 1 F x 20 - 36 kW 1004043 1,922.00
HSP 1 F x 30 - 70 kW 1003143 1,922.00

Prices are net prices plus statutory VAT.


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