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HB Series - Oil burners

13 - 56 kW
Blue-flame burner, 1-stage with oil pre-heater and recirculation mixing facility. Suitable for low-sulphur oil.

5 Series - Oil burners

12-60 kW
Yellow-flame burner, 1-stage with oil pre-heater, solenoid valve, nozzle (HVS 5.3 K without nozzle), integrated function light and sound insulation.

HBG Series - Oil burners

15-100 kW
Yellow-flame burner with oil pre-heater, solenoid valve, drop stop, nozzle and soundproofing.

18 Series - Oil burners

100-240 kW
Yellow-flame burner, 2-stage

20/30 Series - Oil burners

137-370 kW
Yellow-flame burner, 2-stage

HSP Series - Gas burners

20-70 kW
Natural gas burner with gas connection ½“ – 20 mbar.

22 Series - Gas burners

100-200 kW
Natural gas burner with Multibloc. 20 mbar.

Oil and gas burners

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